Whole Body Vibration Attachment

Add vibration to any exercise machine! Vibration intensifies the impact of any exercise, resulting in faster gains. Comes with everything you need to attach it to nearly anything. Also comes with a rheostat with 8' cord to adjust the vibration from 28-60 Hz according to your comfort level.
Proper placement of the WBV Attachment is shown in the images below.

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  1. WBV Attachment (Posted on 3/1/11)

    Review by Arthur

    I lift free weights,but I cant go to heavry on the weight that I use,because my joints would hurt.I read about whole body vibration on SOLOFLEX.com and liked what I was reading about the benefits of using whole body vibration.I purchased the attachment for my free weight machine,and used it for the first time.I was amazed at how when lifting I had no pain in my joints at all.I went heavier on the weight and still no pain.The muscle pumps were better and quicker than normal.This was the best investment that I came across.Great product!!!

  2. WBVA (Posted on 3/1/11)

    Review by Arthur S

    I ordered the Whole Body Vibration Attachment for my free weight machine.Before I ordered it,I read the benefits of whole body vibration when exercising.My elbows was in alot of pain when lifting heavy weight. After recieving it,I attached it to my machine,and started using it to my amazement,my elbows were not hurting at all! I went heavier on the weight with the same results!!My muscle pumps were very noticeable after each set.Thanks Solo Flex for a great product that truely works

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