Retro Soloflex Muscle Machine

This is the Soloflex machine we first made in 1978. We only changed the cosmetics of the machine but never the quality. Adding curves to the main frame and barbell arm only made it seem a bit sexier not more functional. The addition of the urethane foam pad instead of the beautiful hardwood bench was for extra cushioning and nothing else. The hardwood bench was one of the big requests when bringing back the Retro. We were asked so many times from our loyal long time customers to bring back the original that we decided we needed to listen. The hardwood bench (less the naugahyde pad pictured) is back! They are purists and like things just the way they were. We are more than happy to please everyone.

The Retro and the Classic Soloflex are both works of art in form and in function. Bringing back the shock rings to add to the original was an easy decision. Both the shock rings and the rubber straps are equal in resistance and ease of use and are both proper in weight and balance. The shock rings have a nylon housing which helps protect them from the elements but that is really where the differences end. They are lighter but just as easy to load and unload. You will love them.

The Retro offers 24 standard barbell and free-body exercises even without the leg extension and or butterfly. The leg extension can easily be added to your Retro. Just let the operator know you want to add ears to your flube at no cost and this will allow you to add the leg extension any time (can only be changed with phone orders not on line orders). The butterfly on the other hand can be added with not a single change to the machine. With or without the attachments you will love your new Retro Muscle Machine. Some things just stand the test of time and this machine is one of those things.

I guarantee you’ll love this machine. I think you’ll love it even more if you’ll add a few iron plates to the barbell arm, combining them with the shock rings. There’s something about using them that feels so sweet, nothing else like it in the world. I’m really pleased to be offering this machine again. Jerry Wilson

All Soloflex Muscle Machines are 4 feet wide, 4 feet deep and 6 feet tall. An additional 2 feet of clearance are required for some exercises. Machines with a leg extension are 6 feet deep fully extended.

30 day money back guarantee (less shipping charges).

Includes: Dip Bar, User Guide, Workout DVD, One Pair of Urethane Foam Pads, Curl Tubes, Roman Chair Pin, 405 lbs of Shock Rings ( 6-50's, 2-25's, 4-10's, 2-5's, 2-2.5's) and the original hardwood bench (less the naugahyde pad pictured). All the pins for assembly are included.

*Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of the Retro Soloflex Muscle Machine. Shipping and handling charges are for curbside delivery in the Contiguous US and airport delivery in all other locations. If you need additional delivery options (such as delivery upstairs), please call 1-800-547-8802 for information regarding charges and to set up payment.

*Additional Shipping and Handling charges will apply to shipments outside of the Contiguous US. Please contact customer service for a quote.

Please call 1-800-547-8802 or email if you have any questions. If you have already placed an order, please have your order number ready.

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Customer Reviews

  1. Best Machine Ever! (Posted on 3/31/15)

    Review by Soloflex Enthusiast

    Bought my first Soloflex in the late 80's.
    And I sold it. Bouts a used one a year ago. And last summer I found a mint Rockit!
    I have a small place and the Rockit is in the living room. I will never give up that machine.
    I just ordered replacement parts. A red stopper, and a bolt the previous owner never used.
    And lost it. I also ordered new grip tape for my Soloflex and Shock Rings.
    They are awesome! I also mix them with the weight straps.
    I can get a great muscle building pump with these machines.
    Commited Soloflex user.
    And your customer service when I called to order was excellent!
    I would even like to treat myself to a brand new Soloflex.

  2. Solid. (Posted on 11/26/14)

    Review by Doc Holiday

    Ahhhh, to be young again. 1985. Dreaming of a body that was beyond my genetics. But, I dreamed anyway. Did I ever get the body of my dreams? No. Instead I got stronger, leaner, more energetic. My body transformed itself into the best that *I* could be. My dreams? They were just dreams. The great body that stared back at me in the mirror? That was reality.

    Now....I am in my 50's. Still strong. Still energetic. My weight is the same as it was back in 1985.

    My Soloflex? Still going strong. Best machine out there. Period.

  3. Only way to go part 2 (Posted on 6/29/14)

    Review by Solofletch

    I'm Back. 53 now and loving my soloflex. I'm 240lbs now and the greatest benefit of my soloflex is hands down, Attitude. Loving life again, I'm definitely not old at 53, I feel 30 again, things don't hurt like they used to. My health and strength are phenomenal. I have been a little slothful simply because the soloflex is in a room right besides the bedroom and its just so dang easy to use. I had to force myself to slow down, was using every day. I get better results using every other day. My wife and grown kids are so proud of me. I'm thinking of putting a video on YouTube called, body by Solofletch. Soloflex was and still is the BEST !!!!

  4. Bought mine as a gift to myself in 1982 (Posted on 10/4/12)

    Review by Gary A.

    I have been working out since I was 14. When I turned 22 I purchased one because I was so impressed with the design. Its a companion in a way. You will know what I mean if you are 52 and have seen many things change.

    Its had a number of benefits and some I can mention and some I will not. Lets just say it will keep you "active". For a flat stomach it does a great job on lowering your blood sugar which is such a plaque in today's world. Unlike 1982. Anyway customer service has been good and over the years too so enough said.

  5. only way to Go (Posted on 5/11/12)

    Review by SoloFletch

    Bought mine used I already was very stout at the time. Could bench 350lbs without ever having worked out. I sold it. Years later got fat and week wanted to get back in shape. Bought a bowflexd revolution. Didn't like the results at all couldn't hardly give it away. Did.t think soloflex was still around. Picked one up the other day used. New type bench. Amassing how I was dum b enough to have ever let my first one get away. Won't happen again. 51 now and 290lbs. 5'11. Will holler back in 6 months. Don't ever stop building this machine. AAA

  6. Outstanding piece of equipment (Posted on 11/5/11)

    Review by Bear

    I have had mine since they came out. I love the workout, I love what shape i am in at 50.
    I got it when I was a Sophmore in high school & it's moved with rme every where I go. I may take 2-3 months off but than 8 always go back to it.

  7. Best Machine I've Seen in 30 Years! (Posted on 3/12/11)

    Review by Doug R.

    Yep, I bought my SoloFlex in 1984. I started experimenting with it and learning how to use it to my max benefit. No piece of equipment works if you don't use it. In college I used to do free weights and other machines like the classic "universal gym". I also had a spotter and coach. Free weights are great if you have a good spotter. If you don't you most likely will have real problems. I did.
    The human body is not perfectly symmetrical so we naturally tend to favor one side or the other when we lift. Simply put, my back muscles were tighter on one side than the other which resulted in a spinal twist that, one day, became excruciating. A good chiropractor spent two years getting me back in form.
    SoloFlex addressed that problem perfectly. The machine provides the resistance I need with the safety that replaces a spotter. The bar "floats" just enough to make your muscles work independently without the danger of backlash or bad drop if you have a muscle 'exhaustion' failure.
    The SoloFlex is forgiving and patient. After moving some time ago I didn't set my SoloFlex up right away. Space issues. Over time, aging and lower activity levels took their toll. I became re-inspired and kicked my SoloFlex program back in action three days a week, for starters, and modified my diet. Four months later I was 37 pounds lighter and feeling great again.
    Today, at 60 years young, I'm still able to out perform my adult sons on the machine. Hopefully, dear 'ol dad will be an inspiration. I think the SoloFlex is the best bang for the buck I've seen since 1969. I'm trying but I haven't worn mine out yet.

  8. Great Product, Great Value (Posted on 2/20/10)

    Review by Will

    The Soloflex is efficient, effective and very durable.

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