405 LB Shock Ring Set

Soloflex Shock Rings are the original resistance used by the first machines we produced back in 1978. They provide a remarkably smooth feel and have the same useful life as the molded weight straps. Some people prefer them and so they are back by popular demand.
The 405 LB Shock Ring set includes: 1 pair each of 2.5 lb, 5 lb and 25 lb, 2 pair of 10 lb shock rings, and 3 pairs of 50 lb shock rings.

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  1. Shock Rings extraordinaire..... (Posted on 9/30/15)

    Review by Animal Lover

    These shock rings are expensive, but are well worth it. I was on the fence about buying these for a long time, but now that I have them I wish I would have bought them a long time ago. They are, in my opinion, far superior to the weight straps. The shock rings supply a constant load through the concentric/eccentric phases of lifting, unlike the weight straps, which I feel peter out during eccentric contraction. Combined with weight plates, the shock rings will give you a feeling that the weight straps lack.

    I've also talked to another Soloflex devotee who said he's had his shock rings for a long time, and unlike the weight straps, one doesn't have to worry about oxidation or cracking.

    These shock rings are a win/win---awesome feel, durability and reliability. I'm converted. My only question is why in the world did Soloflex stop offering these in the first place?

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