185 LB Shock Ring Set

Soloflex Shock Rings are the original resistance used by the first machines we produced back in 1978. They provide a remarkably smooth feel and have the same useful life as the molded weight straps. Some people prefer them and so they are back by popular demand.
The 185 LB Shock Ring set includes: 1 pair each of 2.5 lb, 5 lb, 10 lb, 25 lb and 50 lb shock rings.

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  1. shock rings/ bands (Posted on 5/24/16)

    Review by Louis

    I received my shock rings and the investment was worth it even the price was high.I work out the frist time with them yesterday and all I can say is what a pump,smooth as silk. I had my Soloflex since 1984 and it had a 10 year rest why I did that is beyone Me,Well I'M back at 66 and the 4-5 weeks back with my OLD pal Soloflex I feel wonderful, the machine is just as good as day one and it's32 years old that should tell everyone how well it's made.One More thing you could mix and match the shock rings with the bands it works fine. LOUIS A. APOLLO BEACH FL. SOLOFLEX OWNER 32 YEARS ONE OF THE BEST PURCHASES I EVER MADE

  2. Great Product (Posted on 7/19/15)

    Review by Quinn

    I purchased this set to replace some old bands I had for my machine. They've got a great feel and I like them better than the old straps. I definitely recommend buying a set if you're looking for strap replacements. I use these in addition to iron plates and they have a nice smooth feel.

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