Soloflex Muscle Machine with Butterfly and Leg Extension

The Soloflex Muscle Machine was designed to perform conventional barbell, free body and pull down exercises. Soloflex doesn't do anything new, it does all of the standard exercises you'll ever need. And it does them better. Also important, it does each exercise correctly in form and balance with a full range of motion. The floating barbell is the key. It provides the balance of free weights PLUS the safety of a machine. Soloflex delivers exactly the same muscle growth and endurance as free weights. And you'll never need a spotter.

All Soloflex Muscle Machines are 4 feet wide, 4 feet deep and 6 feet tall. An additional 2 feet of clearance are required for some exercises. Machines with a leg extension are 6 feet deep fully extended.

*Pictured with

WBV Attachment. and Iron Plate Attachment Rods.Sold separately.

* 405 lbs of weightstraps (2-100's, 2-50's, 2-25's, 4-10's, 2-5's, 2-2.5's)
* Dip Bar
*Four Pairs of Urethane Foam Pads (includes those on Butterfly and Leg Extension)
* Retro Butterfly Attachment
*Leg Extension
* User/ Workout Guide
* Curl Tubes
*Roman Chair Pin
*All the pins for assembly are included
30 day money back guarantee (less shipping charges).

Please 4-6 weeks for delivery of the Soloflex Muscle Machine. Shipping and handling charges are for curbside delivery in the Contiguous US and airport delivery in all other locations. If you need additional delivery options (such as delivery upstairs), please call 1-800-547-8802 for information regarding charges and to set up payment.
*This item ships in two boxes, one that is 73"x36"x6" and weighs 176 lbs, one that is 27"x18"x18" and weighs 61 lbs.

*Additional Shipping and Handling charges may apply on large or heavy items, particularly those shipping outside of the Contiguous US. If your order requires additional shipping and handling, Soloflex will contact you regarding payment of these charges. Your order will not be processed until all shipping and handling charges have been paid.

Please call 1-800-547-8802 or email if you have any questions. If you have already placed an order, please have your order number ready.

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Customer Reviews

  1. Excellent Machine!! (Posted on 7/28/15)

    Review by Steven J

    I bought my SOLOFLEX with all the bells and whistles offered at the time in 1989 and in my 26 years of using it, the machine has performed flawlessly and has always lived up to it's reputation. It will help you build and hold muscle! I do recommend buying a good set of dumbbells to augment your workout routine. I find it is an elegant and very well made compact piece of equipment! Check it out you might find you like as much as I do.

  2. Cost effective results (Posted on 7/7/15)

    Review by Marco B.

    I bought my machine in 1993. Apart from replacing the straps (only a few times over the years), the machine works the same today as it did over 20 years ago.

    When you think of the time it takes to go to the gym (30 min to 1 hour travel time) and the cost of a gym membership per year ($300-$1000), the economics of this machine just make sense.

    In fact, when I time my workouts where I do a few compound exercises like bench, squat, deadlift, pulldown. I'm able to finish all these in less time than it would take doing them in a gym. The results are the same, especially since I can add plates to the machine as well as the straps.

    Overall, what can I say, a great product.

  3. Past, Present & Future (Posted on 3/18/15)

    Review by Sean

    I was first introduced to Soloflex at the age of 12-13 after watching those countless, cool infomercials in the mid to late 80s. I finally got my Dad to buy it for "us" and I loved that thing. I even put it in my bedroom because I thought it looked cool like those commercials and brochures showed; with the guy and his dog, motorcycle gear, guitar, cool clothes and then a Soloflex next to his bed! I wanted that too! I used it quite often growing up. By my teens and 20s I had moved on to free weights and typically dumbbell/barells, but I still missed my Soloflex.and my old Soloflex bit the dust many years the late 90s all the equipment had rusted when my old home was flooded and it was thrown-out. Then years later when I turned 35 or so, I went on Craigslist and found a Soloflex in excellent condition and bought it. Now I am 40 and I still love my Soloflex mixed in with P90X, running and biking. I will never sell my Soloflex, just like I will never sell my 1995 Ducati 916 SPS. Timeless design.

    Soloflex workouts perhaps with P90X and/or cardio (running/walking/hiking) and watching your diet should be all you need to get in excellent shape in 3-4 months. Good luck and buy one! You won't be disappointed.

  4. Stilll the best machine! (Posted on 2/5/15)

    Review by Daveyo

    My Soloflex and some dumbells are all I need for a kick butt workout, I am in my 50's now and the rubber straps leave me exausted but not hurting like the freeweights do. I really appreciate that.
    This machine stands the test of time.
    Thanks for inventing such a smart machine that
    really is one of a kind.
    Really miss the informercials, glad I can catch them on Youtube.
    thanks again for providing me a machine that fits in my small garage and provides me with a great workout

  5. Regret Selling My Soloflex (Posted on 1/27/15)

    Review by Barbara

    Sold my Soloflex 20 years ago and truly regret it. I am now 67 years old and will soon be purchasing my new Soloflex. Because of the safety features I feel if your health is good you can use this machine. I loved the results 20 years ago and I'm sure with time I will achieve the same results.

  6. Let's chat (Posted on 1/22/15)

    Review by Gary

    Uncle Champ Husted from Portland Oregon whom has beach home at Canon Beach told me about this wonderful helicopter pilot that came up with this whole Soloflex idea. I bought the Soloflex machine in 1987 and still have and use it. It is the most brilliant machine I have ever seen. Even 30 years later,I still think it is the best 'resistance workout' ever brought about.

    I am a welder and have been very impressed with the quality of this equipment. I am currently working in the Bakken Field of North Dakota for a company called EOG Resources and live in Erhard, MN. By the way, I visited the shop in Hillborro,Or., as I lived in Beaverton,Or for some time. I Would be very interested in Manufacturing and marketing parts and products from the Midwest to keep the ball rolling on this innovative idea. Yours Truly, Gary Swedlund.

  7. The foundation of my workout! (Posted on 1/11/15)

    Review by FrankATracy

    I bought my Soloflex brand new in 1989. It has traveled with me to six locations since then. Before I got married I had it in the living room of my apartment in 1991. Every guy that came over had to try it out. The same with my future brother-in-law, who could bench over 400 pounds of free weight. He challenged me saying he could beat me at any exercise I chose. I knew that was probably true but I excepted his challenge. I chose the vertical sit-ups. I could do 10 reps. He barely made 2. (He did not have strong abs!). After 25 years I’m still using my Soloflex. Since then a friend and I made a custom wood platform so the leg extension never has to be removed. The platform never has to be removed either. I also cut the curl tubes to about 60% of their original length. Because of using simple hose clamps, the cut curl tubes and foam pads never have to be removed from the floating lever arm. I’ve added several two-piece load pins including one for holding up the foam bench so bench pins can be removed quicker. With this setup the bench stays in the same place, even when its pins have been removed! At times I also use a 6 foot 1 inch diameter bar for free weights. I only use the stainless steel arm pins and have rounded the edges for quicker use. I use several pieces of workout equipment, but the Soloflex is the foundation of my workout, and fun to customize. And I truly believe that it belongs in the Museum of Modern Art!

  8. best machine I've used to date (Posted on 11/27/14)

    Review by beazly

    My father bought my soloflex for me when I was 16 (2007) for $100. I started out doing the 3x a week exercises in the owners manual and had great results. I had always exercised to some degree but now I was in love. Now after many years, different gym memberships and a whole bunch of experimenting with different exercises this machine is still my favorite. I like the privacy of my own home and I don't have to find a dedicated partner to spot me. The bodyweight exercises (especially the vertical sit-ups) are phenominal. This has by far been the best gift I've gotten in my life and I'll be using this machine for a long time to come

  9. Nothing else compares! (Posted on 10/11/14)

    Review by Mike

    I've always wanted a Soloflex since I grew up watching the commercials. I was actually born in 1978, the same year the Soloflex was released. About 10 years ago, I bought a used one and loved it but due to many factors I ended up selling it. I just purchased another used Soloflex because I've recently gained 25 lbs I'm really out of shape, mainly due to a better position at work which is more sedentary. This combined with high blood pressure, cholesterol, and a history of heart attacks on both sides of my family, I've decided It's time to get serious about my health.Here is my review:


    1. The Soloflex is HEAVY DUTY! It is gym quality and very solid. The only parts you'll have to worry about eventually wearing out is the weight straps.

    2. Simple design. The design has a very small footprint yet offers all the exercises you'll ever need, all without any cables. It's also assembled with one bolt! Everything else uses simple pins.

    3. The exercises are all classic and proven. Compared to other home gyms, Soloflex is the only one with the capability to do "real" squats and bench presses. The floating bar makes it even closer to a free weight experience.

    4. The bands feel great and are easy on the joints and tendons. I have chronic tendonitis in my arms/shoulders and back when I lifted free weights for about a year, my tendonitis was always acting up. I'm sure some of this was due to my form not being perfect, but I couldn't afford a personal trainer and I did the best I could. I also have sciatica from a childhood injury and the Soloflex aggravates it MUCH less than free weights.

    5. The Soloflex is built to last a lifetime and is future proof. What I mean by this is that it's made so well that I couldn't see anything actually breaking except for the weight straps. The weight straps and shock rings are still being made but even if in the distant future the company goes out of business (which I hope never happens!), you can use weight plates in place of the bands! Just replace all of the pulling exercises (which can only be done with weight straps) with chin ups, pull ups, dips, etc and you'll still get a great workout. This is why I plan on buying a set of free weight adapters. The people at Soloflex have thought of everything!

    6. Last of all, just like the commercials used to say the Soloflex is truly a work of art. It doesn't look dated at all and is much more aesthetically pleasing than the other convoluted contraptions on the market today. Yes, this doesn't really matter because it's just a tool but it's a bonus!


    1. The curls feel strange at first, but I've gotten used to them.

    2. Squeezing under the bar for the bench press was really hard at first until I found an easier way. Now I just attach the weight straps to the load pin only, raise the bar to get underneath, then attached them to the bar. It's faster and doesn't require as much flexibility.

    That concludes my review and in my opinion, the many pros far outweigh the few and minor cons. After all, nothing is perfect but the Soloflex comes as close as I've ever seen.

    On a final note, one day when I'm in a better financial position, I plan on buying a brand new one just to support the company. They have been really polite and helpful even when I asked questions and ordered missing parts for a USED machine! No canned responses or long waits for them to get back to me as well! A great American company.

  10. Great machine (Posted on 9/21/14)

    Review by Edward

    I purchased mine way back in 1986, the complete set with the leg extension and butterfly attachment, loved it and was totally satisfied with the machine, unfortunately I lost it fifteen years later through divorce. I am sixty nine and in good physical health, I owe it partly to my workouts on the Soloflex machine and walking. I thought Soloflex stopped making the machine. I was looking at an advertisement on a junk machine and it made me think of the Soloflex, did a internet search, there you are. When I bought mine it was under a thousand dollars, it doubled in price but worth it, I am going to purchase a new one, this time I wont loose it. Thanks for a superb product.

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